About Us

About Us

Bedding Biweb is part of the Biweb Group online businesses, set up and operating in Australia. The Biweb Group was established in 2015. We are proudly Australian owned.

Unlike similar products on the market, our premium range WILL NOT FADE first wash; so your cover will look just as beautiful and vibrant as when you first receive it. This range is handmade, has a beautiful soft feel and won't crease easily. 

Our new premium range is made from 100% high grade microfibre (no, not like the towel). Our unique fabric is super soft on the skin; not that slippery feel typically found with inferior grade bedding. We have very carefully selected our fabric due to it's durability, the benefits of minimal creasing (because lets face it, who wants to spend their time ironing bedding) and it's beautiful light and soft feel. The fabric is of excellent quality and we have received fantastic feedback from thousands of happy customers.

Sizes range from Single to Super King. 

Our premium bed sets are made to order; please be patient. We promise the wait will be worth it :)

We are Australian  based and managed. If you buy from us its means easy return, easy exchange and supporting the Australian economy.

  •  New Products added daily.
  •  FREE SHIPPING on all
  •  Australian Operated & Managed.
  •  Having 30 days easy Returns.
  •  Professional Customer Service.